Grown-ups Play. Kids Win.
Saturday, June 6, 2015

Welcome to Boys and Girls Clubs of Calgary!

For over 75 years, Boys and Girls Clubs of Calgary has carried on a tradition of helping young people to discover, develop and achieve their full potential as adults, citizens and leaders, by engaging them in activities that challenge and enrich their minds, bodies and spirits and nurture their self-esteem. Our safe, caring Club environments and enriching programs have enabled thousands of young Calgarians to play, learn and develop valuable skills for life.


What is Capital One Race for Kids?

Part Scavenger Hunt – Part Adventure Race – 100% FUN!



During Capital One Race for Kids™, teams of four adults will compete in a series of 10 checkpoint challenges in a race to the finish line. Checkpoints are designed to encourage teamwork, challenge the body and focus the mind. But most importantly, they are a lot of fun!

On Race Day, your team will receive 10 checkpoint location clues. Once your team has determined the location of each checkpoint challenge, you will make your way through a Calgary community working as a team to complete each challenge. 

Once you have finished the race, join in the celebration at the finish line where there will be food, drinks, amazing prizes and great entertainment!


Why Participate in Calgary Capital One Race for Kids?

Because when grown-ups play, kids win.

At Boys and Girls Clubs of Calgary, we make it our policy that no child is turned away due to an inability to pay. We ensure that all children and youth - regardless of their circumstances - can access our programs, services, and supports where and when they need them. We know we can’t do it alone and we rely heavily on community support to help continue our work. That’s where you come in!

By participating in this year’s Calgary Capital Once Race for Kids™, you will be an important part of helping our Club move forward. Funds raised will go directly back into the communities in Calgary so that we can continue offering the types of programs our young people need the most.

Register NOW and be part of making the communities in Calgary better places for our children and youth! 

Countdown to Event
Event Goal
$60,000.00 CAD
$22,031.85 CAD
1 - Jenna Kennedy
$1,200.00 CAD
2 - Shannon Borynsky
$887.00 CAD
3 - Pepsi Keith
$825.00 CAD
4 - Natasha Mueller
$630.00 CAD
5 - Billy Schultz
$585.00 CAD
more >
1 - Troll Dollz
$2,295.00 CAD
2 - Mamas & Papas
$1,350.00 CAD
3 - Lemon-aid
$1,087.00 CAD
4 - Purple Puluffafumps
$975.00 CAD
5 - Fantasticas Luchadores
$970.00 CAD
more >